The Journey Begins

Welcome to Juliet Iwelunmor’s Blog. I started this blog to tell my story as eloquently as only I can tell it. It is a story of passion and perseverance for all things related to parenting and productivity, my academic productive in particular in the middle of a global health pandemic. In essence it’s a story about my journey through life, through nurturing my family, through unleashing my creative potential through academic work, through mentoring and yes through research and grant-writing specifically. The ups and downs, success and failures, hopes and impediments are all part of my journey, a journey that I hope share with you all diligently. I promise to blog everyday, until language fails me.

The blog posts will be short but eloquent and will delve into my journey, my family and homeschooling (we are in the middle of a pandemic after all and there are so many lessons I have learnt from being still through these times), research for people and as lead by people and a section I describe as academic whispers or what Toni Morrison describes as understanding one’s role in academic spaces, when to stay silent, when to survive. I have no idea where this journey will take me. But I will do my best to confidently tell the story of a woman, me, and my passion and love for all things focused on learning from and with my kids, my family, young people and and implementing sustainable health solutions. Thank you for stopping by. 

“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language, that may be the measure of our lives.” — Toni Morrison

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