Keep simply being the best you!

Tina Turner in a recent interview for Instyle Magazine (here) shared that ‘ambition is having a dream and dedicating yourself to making that dream come true, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way.’ In her latest book entitled ‘Tina Turner: That’s my life,’ she shared how she has always been ambitious because she believed she would accomplish all her wildest dreams. And she did. Ms. Tina accomplished everything she could every imagine or hope for.

Peter Lindbergh, 1980

In fact, here is a woman who start working when she was young and continues to work even at the age of 80. Here is a woman who describes her work as breathing to her, a necessary oxygen that keeps her going, for when you love your work, it fills you with energy and strength. Here is a woman who treasures the relationship she has with her audience because they gave her love when she had none. Here is a woman who wore beautifully designed costumes, one for example with wings that made her feel should could fly and soar when she was on her own for the first time (after leaving her husband Ike) and she did. Here is a woman whose red lips and legs were always glamorous, always powerful, always ready for anything.

Harry Langdon, 1980

Her career has been epic, everything she did, transformational, even as she reflects on her most cherished moments for the book, all I can think of is here is the woman who simply lived her best life despite all obstacles. Like Tina, I will keep living my best life being ambitious with what I love to do especially with my wildest dreams, loving work which is like oxygen to me also, treasuring the relationships I am build along the way, flying and soaring no matter the obstacles and with a red lipstick, my favorite color as well. I intend to keep simply being the best me.

Harry Langdon, 1980

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