Keep spreading love via meal trains!

How do we harness love in the middle of a pandemic that shows no sign of abating? Joining meal trains is one way. The other day I got an email from one of the moms in my son’s junior kindergarten class. She asked if families could start a meal train for a family in our community with a baby born with a heart defect. I have never heard of meal trains in this format until her email and I was moved. For the past 2 months of his life, the baby has been in a NICU fighting for his life and in the middle of a pandemic. I was moved by the email because I cannot imagine being in this family’s shoes right now. The baby was also born one month after my own baby so this feels personal. Plus in my Igbo tradition, there are so many things a new mom should have access to by now including certain foods she is supposed to have eaten by now to start the healing process following birth. Food is also one of the critical ways we show new families support and so this modern day approach to supporting new moms via meal trains is inspiring and vital.

My jollof rice.

In addition to their baby brother, there are 2 young children to nurture as well as the mom and dad. I signed up to participate. It’s my first online meal train, providing dinner tonight for the family. I made my traditional jollof rice with a dash of curry and bay leaves. I also baked salmon to go with the rice. For starters, I went with a kale salad and dessert, a box of red grapes. I hope that as the eat their dinner tonight that they feel and know that they are loved. I also pray that this love continues to surround them during this truly difficult time. Whether the pandemic comes to an end or not, whether we social distance or distant ourselves socially due to the pandemic, I hope we all find unique ways to keep spreading love. The world needs love right now and you can join me in spreading it via meal trains.

My first meal train.

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