Keep finding joy!

My husband leaves for work early and returns home late. He barely sees daylight given his work. On rare occasions when he is home, he notices changes here and there. Like on Thursday, he was home. He noticed how dark it got by 5pm and didn’t like it. Like him, I loathe this time of the year. My mood is sour, my weight unstable, my energy depleted and I long for light, plenty day light. I also explained there is a name for this and it is called seasonal affect disorder. It is also why my posts these past days have been irregular. Everything these days are. From the multitasking with work and homeschooling, to still being a new mom, everything is out of order. I told myself this week, stay alert, take risks, build character, even makeup stories with your kids. All of this was focused on helping me to find joy in an irregular time of the year during a pandemic that really shows no sign of stopping. Finding joy matters.

For me, it’s the smile on my children’s face when the wake up every morning. Their good morning signals the start of something good every day. Another day, another joy. It’s in my baby’s big brown eyes, and his big joyful smile that pierce my soul every day. Another day, another joy. Then it’s in the prayers and songs we sing and say to each other. Like God alone knows the plans he has for you. Another day, another joy. Then it’s figuring out what to do for homeschooling each day, what to make up from the day before or what is on track. Another day, another joy. Then it’s stolen moments for myself, just to reflect or mediate on me and what makes me thrive. Another day, another joy. Then it’s my husband’s day at work, especially days with successful opening of a vessel so blood flows to the brain. Another day, another joy. Then it’s it’s for the people around me that allow me to figure all the irregular days at home well. Like mama and Tochi and even Ucheoma for taking mama to her doctors appointment while I figured out homeschooling or Tochi with all her never ending help with kindergarten while I figure out 1st and 3rd grade. Another day, another joy. This time of the year can be a difficult one. Living through a pandemic doesn’t help either. But try as you may to find joy for yourself. Not in big things, but in little things and people that matter. Keep finding joy, for you and those around you. It matters. You matter. Joy matters.

My joyful 4month old baby.

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