Keep knowing how fortunate you are!

Imagine ‘never seeing the sun shine so brightly or moon glow so brightly.’ Imagine ‘never seeing waterfall so impeccable or lights so bright’…But yet ‘just as sure as the sky is blue, you feel so blessed and fortunate’ to have people that matter in your life. So fortunate to know who you are, your goals and life’s work. That’s how I feel these days. Fortunate.

My boys are my reminder of just how fortunate I am.

The quote above are also lyrics from Maxwell’s song ‘Fortunate.’ They personify my mood as we enter this Thanksgiving holiday. I am so fortunate to be loved and to share my love to those that matter. I am so glad love is in my life and that’s what I am thankful for this year. Love, for myself, my husband, my children, family and even work the key people that understand and get my vision for a sustainable research platform. I am also very thankful for those who like and read anything I write here. It’s my way of keeping my divergent views alive. I love what I do in academia but I always known that if I didn’t end up in academia that I would write, what I have no idea, but I am thankful that the journey becomes clearer by day. As 2020 slowly comes to an end, keep knowing how fortunate you are especially with people around you who love you no matter what. It’s a blessing to be fortunate in a year filled with so many unknown, so many uncertainties. Still to be so love and fortunate is worthy of a thanksgiving celebration.

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