Keep kindness!

I observed my kids playing together the other day. One of them has a knack for collecting things. He collects specific things and like to know that they are by his side always. They same goes for the toys he plays with. He prefers for his toys to be in order. But what happens when things are not in order. To put it mildly, chaos ensures. Not only is everyone now looking for that missing toy, but my child is also inconsolable. Nothing you say or do, appeases him. Instead tears, and never ending ones too, are his vice. There are also screams and talking about why he needs to find the toy. We all look for the toy. Everyone from the oldest to the youngest search for the missing toy.

But I observed my smallest kid on one of these days. Everyone was scrambling looking for my oldest son’s missing hand cut planet Saturn that he left in his bucket. My youngest son was playing with it earlier and so naturally we asked if he knew where it was. He didn’t at first. So my oldest son started to cry. We all tried to console him. To no avail. We also started looking all over the house for the handcut planet Saturn. We even told him he could cut another one but still nothing. Then my youngest son joined in the search. He was perceptive and intent on helping his big brother out. Even saying at one point, ‘don’t cry, we will find it for you.’ As if on cue, my youngest son found the handcut Saturn for his brother. His empathy and sympathy was stunning to me. His kindness, refreshing. It my keep for today. In a world where people only think of themselves, where people live and dwell in their own bubbles, kindness matters. Keep it in mind.

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