Keep knowing the power of the word!

The journey through 2020 has been filled with dualities, emotional ones, that often range from sorrow to joy, all in a matter of hours, days and even months. But I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now as the year starts to come to a close. One thing that has helped make 2020 sane is the constant word of God. There is power in his word. This, little but delightful book entitled ‘Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey’ by Maya Angelou illustrates why. In her chapter entitled ‘power of the word,’ she shares, why even in our deepest darkness, we ought to continue to step out on the word of God. The word of God is power.

She also shared a story where she was asked by a teacher to read a chapter from a book entitled ‘Lessons in Truth’ which ended with the phrase ‘God loves me.’ She read that phrase sarcastically at first, which lead her teacher to ask her to continue to read that particular phrase over and over again. By the 7th time, the word started to take root in her mind, in her heart, the realization that God loves her. If he truly loves her, she noted, then she could do wonderful things, try great things, learn new things, for who can stand against any person whom God loves. No one.

To Ms. Angelou, that knowledge that God loves her was not only ‘humbling but it melted her bones, closed her ears, made her teeth rock, liberated her, made her soar on wings like a big bird over high mountains, over serene valleys.’ It also reminded me of my own favorite verse, that clear illustrates the power of the word. If my God loves me, no matter what and even as 2020 comes to an end, I am indeed going to rise up on wings like eagle. I will run and not be tired. I will walk and not be weak. Not when God loves me. Keep his love in mind. Keep knowing the power of the word.

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