Keep laughter especially with middle sons!

I wrote a story for my middle son Olisa. He is 3 years old and no longer the baby of the house. When I gave birth to my baby this past July, the pediatrician warned that there maybe sibling rivalry with Olisa and the new baby. He mentioned we should remind him always about being a big brother. It worked for the past 4 months. But as we slowly enter month 5 with new baby, Olisa keeps trying in his best way possible to remind us that he was once our baby. For example, when we leave the house with baby for his doctors appointment, Olisa wants one too. So we started to leave the house with only him. It made him feel special. When I read stories only to him, something I did prior to baby’s arrival, he is elated. We try our best to have alone time with him and that makes him happy alongside reading stories that are only about him, like the one below I made just for him. The story is an adaptation to one of our favorite books in our home, Greg Pizzoli’s ‘The Watermelon Seed’ and my version is designed with Olisa in mind. It goes like this:

I love Olisa. He is a funny little guy.

I love his head.

I love his cute nose.

I even love his cute green dinosaur sweater that he wears every time.

I love Olisa.


I swallowed Olisa.

Oh no.

I just swallowed him.

I can feel his eyes, his nose.

I am turning into his green sweater.

I don’t want to be his sweater.

Somebody please help me get him out.



That was too close.

Are you okay, Olisa. So sorry I swallowed you.

Never again.

Will you still be my friend.

Thanks Olisa.

I love you so much.

The end.

It’s a cute little story and it makes him laugh and laugh. I also wrote another one focused on tickling him all over, fast and slow and the laughter on his face is pure joy. That was always my intention, to let him know that I still find joy in him, even though he is no longer my baby. He will always be my joyful son, one whose laughter melts my soul, satisfies my being everyday. Keep laughter especially with little middle sons. His name by the way Olisa, means God in my Igbo language. Another reason to keep joy.

My Olisa!

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