Keep love!

One of my sons rarely has time for small talks. Except if it involves planets. He also rarely gets emotional. Except when he is crying for something missing. When he becomes vulnerable, especially when he becomes profoundly into you or something that absorbs his mind, he becomes an emblem of empathy, a tower of sincerity, a pillar of love. The other day he found my small purse with notecards and colorful pen and proceeded to make something he said, for his baby brother. A card of sorts. When he was done, he gave it to him, smiled and walked away. Baby barely knew what it was. I looked at it and smiled too. The message was simple. But if you know this son, if you remember how he rarely gets emotional, you will also understand how special and timely his message was. It also warmed my heart. Keep telling those around you how much you love them. The world truly needs love. Do your part to also keep spreading love, your own way, and especially through cards you draw by hand. It warms the heart. Keep also knowing that you are loved. You. You are loved.

My son’s love card to his brother.

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