Keep those that correct you!

Have you tried to put a baby to sleep at 4am?That’s my dilemma now. So I decided to mediate on the word. And here is what the Lord said to me this morning: ‘those who love knowledge want to be told when they are wrong.’ That was my meditation for today from Proverbs chapter 12 vs.1. I want this with me in 2021. To surround myself with corrections, especially from those who really care about me and all the load I carried during this pandemic. Correct me if you think I am wrong. I love knowledge, and if I am wrong, please tell me. I long for this.

The verse goes on to say that it is ‘stupid to hate being corrected.’ I paused for a moment because there are indeed times when I hate being corrected. I hate being told I am wrong or my approach is wrong. But I am also learning that corrections should be welcoming. Correction, especially from the right person with the right heart, can be a thing of pure joy. It can also be helpful, to air grievances in a purposeful way. Correction can direct, help you reflect, help you perfect or even foster empathy. It is better to love being corrected especially when you are wrong. That’s the keep for today. Another short one. That and the fact that as you scroll through the chapter you will see this gem nestled in verse 15; ‘wise people listen to advice,’ listen to their correctors. I love the book of Proverbs. Keep surrounding yourself with those who correct you.

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