Keep together!

My daughter’s class made mini Christmas trees for their teacher. When we got the assignment early on during the week, I must honestly say I felt that it was a waste of time. Alone, I had no idea about what she was doing, except that the instructions said, string two small pieces of wood together with a green yarn and then use hot glue to stick buttons on the yarn. I even spent frustrating time looking for hot glue around my home so you know this assignment wasn’t my favorite. We did our best work. She was happy she learnt how to string yarn. I still didn’t get the purpose of the assignment until yesterday.

Yesterday we went to her school to give her teacher her Christmas gift and in the process she showed us what the kids made for her. Seeing each individual piece, my daughter’s button tree included, set together as a bunch warmed my heart. Alone, we may make no sense, even get easily frustrated with things we encounter, but together, we are often divine, so unstoppable, and genuinely sterling. In life, keep together. That’s my short but simple keep for today. By ourselves, we can make do, even do our best with whatever we set our mind to. But together, we are divine and destined for greatness.

My daughter made the tree with the buttons.

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