Keep running your own race!

Homeschooling 2020 came to an end on Thursday/Friday. This keep is in praise of all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle and even friends of families that helped make it work. It’s also in praise of all children, their courage, resilience through this pandemic of a lifetime. Many may assume that because children are home that schooling should be easy. I beg to differ. We struggled, though beautifully with our homeschooling experience. There were many ups and downs and my children did their best to adapt to school now being at home. Prior to the start of the fall, I was not eager to start homeschooling knowing that I would also have work obligations occurring during this period and my anxiety levels were high. Of course as is typical of work, and with the exception of few fearless leaders, most meetings and obligations occurred during this period as if our children weren’t home. I choose not to be distracted by work, given that we were living through a pandemic. Homeschooling was more critical for me and my children.

So in praise of our survival, I went running yesterday. My typical 4 mile weekend race. It’s also my release and reflection time. As I ran, I reflected on how we made homeschooling work for us, our way. Homeschooling for us was assertive, loving, full of long sweet memories of art, nature, poetry, reading, religion, science, learning and questions, lots and lots of questions. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In the end, for homeschooling 2020, we did it our way. As 2021 approaches, as we all look forward to the return of regular schooling, homeschooling is an urgent reminder once more to keep running my race through life, my way. It’s my suggestion to whoever reads this. Life is too short to not do it your way.

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