Keep the magnificence of the universe in mind!

For the first time in 800 years, my kids and I saw Jupiter in close proximity to Saturn. If you know anything about my kids, my boys in particular, you would know how deep they love the planets. In fact, on two different occasions, for Halloween, they have both dressed up as Astronauts. If you ask them what they would love to do when they get older, and almost in harmony, they both want to go to space. So of course, we couldn’t pass up last night for anything.

We downloaded a simple sky gazing app and used it as our guide to view both planets. My kids were instantly in space heaven. It made their night and I’m sure their day. To see planets, together in such a splendid way. I too was in awe. They call Jupiter and Saturn together in this manner, the Great Conjunction or the Star of Bethlehem. I call it divine, immaculate, impressive, sterling, grandeur, even emotional, joy, and love for all things the universe has the power to do and be. It has taken 800 years for such a night to occur. 800 years that we wished would last forever. But for now, my kids and I, will always keep the magnificence of the universe in mind.

My view with my naked eyes.

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