Keep believing in your dreams!

After 10 months of planning, my family and I moved to our new home yesterday. The start of the week was anxiety filled but by the time our two men and a truck helped move us from the old home to the new home, the anxiety I was feeling started to dissipate. In it’s place were emotions. Good ones, of dreams I had for myself 10, even 20 years before and compared to my today. A lot can happen in 20 years. I’ll give anything to tell my 20 year old self to relax. Nkiruka or according to the Igbo people of Nigeria, what is ahead is greater. As I looked through our new home yesterday, and I slept in it for the first time, I realized that I was literally living a dream come through, a vision manifested, in all the glory and light, so much light and happiness for the world to see. Keep believing in your dreams, they are greater than you can ever imagine. I promise to reflect on the house one day.

When we finally arrived to our new home.

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