Keep being determined and confident!

Imagine getting a daily reminder or even a command to be determined and confident. Yesterday during my daily devotional, these words from the book of Joshua, Chapter 1v9 stirred something in me: ‘remember I have commanded you to be determined and confident.’ For background, Moses was dead and God asked Joshua to lead the people of Israel across the River Jordan to the land he had promised them. So in that verse, God was reminding Joshua to be determined and confident. That’s all.

Your goals in life may not make sense at times, even the year 2020 may go down as chaotic and unpredictable. Everything you have planned for yourself may seem very futile, but still we are told to be determined and confident. By determined, we are asked to be purposeful, persistent, preserving, relentless, brave, unwavering, and even bold. By confident, we are asked to be assertive, unfazed, calm, composed, positive, hopeful, and even at ease at all times. It’s an evolution. To become determined and confident despite many obstacles, including a pandemic. We have the freedom to live as we want, to boldly do something different, with ease, unfazed and unwavering. And if our approach is well-received, great. If not, we try again, still determined and confident to do it our way. Because that’s the command. As the New Year approaches, keep being determined and confident. For when you do, even fear is no longer an obstacle for God himself declares, he will be with you where you go, whatever you do, on your journey towards being determined and confident. It’s a journey after all with many ups and downs, but one worth doing. This keep, really stirred something for me and I hope it does for you.

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