Keep the lens of children!

Imagine seeing the world from the lens of children, seeing what they see, feeling what they feel or even listening to what they listen to. I have been doing so for the past couple of days with my children. There have been screaming with tablets that won’t load or are dead. Watching intently whether snow flurries will actually stick to the ground. Bouncing up and down on a bouncer over and over again. Playing, lots of it, from hide and go seek to just running around for the fun of it, all with laughter, lots of it too, that comes from some special reservoir.

My bouncing baby.

To be a child, during this pandemic of a lifetime is inspiring to me. Not only are they stuck at home, practicing social distancing, but these kids have endured so much this past year alone. I want to learn more from them in the New Year. To focus on what really matters to them and from their lens. All the ways they have been resilient through this pandemic, I have to understand. Homeschooling alone was a burden. But they persevered with school now at home and home now school. My kids and I even moved from our old house to the new one 2-3 days before Christmas. They only got their Christmas tree, the day before Christmas and still they were understanding, showed empathy even, on Christmas morning, when they saw no gifts under the tree. That I managed to wrap all their gifts and place it under the tree on Christmas morning after they woke up was no small feat. Still they understood. Everyone did. 2020 had many challenges, many impediments, even many fears and unexpected endings that still leave me speechless. But it also has many blessings, brilliant ones too that I would love to savor in the New Year. Ones that begin with my children. Imagine seeing the world through their lens, see what they see, feel what they feel or listen to what they listen too. It’s a small ask but one that I hope to bask in beyond 2020 for myself. I hope you keep the lens of children in mind.

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