Keep rolling again and again!

I never planned to keep writing. I only wanted to chronicle my silence plus survival as a wife to a frontline worker and a mother to three homeschooled children in the middle of a global pandemic. 2020 was a tough year and making sense of it my way, was paramount to me. A necessity even, to write my version of the moment as best as I could. So my first post was a reminder to myself to keep rolling. My son loves egg crayons I stated. Not to color with them, but to roll them on the ground. After watching him roll yet another round of egg crayons on the ground, I finally understood why he loved to roll them around. The egg crayons never stop rolling. It was mesmerizing to him and confusing to me at first, considering that crayons are meant for coloring.

My son’s egg crayons.

Yet, despite all they encounter while rolling on the ground, these particular egg crayons somehow manage to keep rolling. It was the perfect metaphor I desperately needed at the time and little did I know that my observation of my son rolling egg crayons on the ground would lead to the birth of my keep list. A reminder to myself to keep rolling. But still when I started writing this keep back in September, I had no idea what I would write about. I approach each day still not knowing but eager to put something, anything down. I am finally like those egg crayons, ready and willing to keep rolling, no matter what comes my way. It’s my prayer for you as the New Year begins. Keep rolling again and again. Life will be full of hopes, full of impediments in the New Year. But no matter what, be like my son’s egg crayons and keep rolling.

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