Keep joy, still and even with baby steps!

How many ways can one write about joy? I would like to know. With each passing day, joy for me, is becoming a true devotion, my heart’s desire. To seek and find joy in things that matter to me. My heart is content. Like with my little boy. Every attempt he makes with crawling is joyful. To be able to see the start from the beginning, of one’s walking journey is a joyful thing to behold. Many of us take it for granted, our ability to walk as we like. But not babies. It’s a purposeful driven mission for them. The ability to crawl, walk. Mission becomes more critical when other little people around them, like his siblings are walking, running all around him. So the past couple of days, watching him have been joyful. Every move, every stretch, one hand after the other, one push after another, all on his own is a thing of joy. To see him accomplish the feat makes my heart joyful. We still have a long way to go with crawling. We are nowhere near walking yet too. But one thing I know for sure, is that this experience with him, is joyful. So how many ways can one write about joy? So long as I keep finding it, then I’ll simply keep writing about joy, even if it’s with a baby crawling, one baby step at a time.

Baby learning to crawl.

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