Keep the republic!

Are we a perfect union? No. But ‘we are a republic if we can keep it.’ These words were echoed yesterday by one Senator after another prior to the mob attack at the US capitol and more fervently once the Senate reconvened following the attack. Many argue and even suggest that what we all witnessed at the US Capitol yesterday is common in Banana Republics not the greatest nation on earth. At some point I too wondered if this was still America. But as the mayhem continued, as picture after picture, video after video, even selfies after selfies showed the crowd, their privilege, audacity, selfishness, ignorance and even ignominy, it became clear that this truly was the soul of America. A dark, ugly soul, where people have pledged allegiance to an individual and not to the constitution under which this country was founded. I tell my children all the time when they misbehave that they know better and it’s their responsibility even their obligation to do better to make me and their dad proud all the time with their actions. It’s time we told the adults that acted as children yesterday, the ones that have forgotten that this is a republic if we can keep it, to keep doing better. Not for you, but for your children, our collective wellbeing and for future generations to come. They deserve the very best this country has to offer. And this will always be a republic, if we can keep it.

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