Keep smiling!

My baby is 6 month old today. For the past 6 months, he has filled my life with joy. Like the sweetest sweets, which lingers long after the first taste. He remains my heart’s joy, my secret treasure, my soul’s desire. I literally smile everytime I see him and he smiles back. Every moment with him is more precious than the most treasured jewels. I am a better mother, better caregiver, even a better being because of his joy. Every dull moment is brighter in his presence. Every heartache dissipates with him. We call him our greatest gift in the middle of a pandemic, our calm through this Covid-19 storm, the most apt example of my tenacity, my strength, even perseverance through this thing called life.

My joyful baby.

For him and my other children, I am very focused on what matters, very focused on them, for they will tell my story well and so for them, I love. I live. I even learn, how to tell my stories, all I have to say, one keep at a time. Someone asked the other day, why do I keep writing and I said so my children will read it all one day and know that their mother loved every single part of their being. From their hair follicle to their toes, something about them, especially my latest joy, my baby, makes me smile. For them, I live and because of them, I am prepared to keep smiling. Wouldn’t you smile when you see this beautiful face, this black boy joy everyday. I do. I truly keep smiling every-time because of him. Love you to the moon and back my gift. Happy 6th month on earth.

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