Keep knowing your worth!

I saw a post on LinkedIn that made me pause for moment. So many things are insightful there. But this one by Nekasha Pratt, a marketing guru made me reflect for a moment. It was about Shonda Rhimes and her departure from DisneyAbc. I have written about this in the past but this post was a reflection on Shonda’s success at Netflix. Shonda’s new show Bridgeton has garnered 63 millions viewers in December. The highest and record breaking viewership for the streaming channel. Ms. Nekasha shared a lesson: ‘Treat your employees well (especially top performers) or else they will leave you and break records at a company that does. Also, know your worth and be willing to walk away when a company doesn’t value you.’

This lesson made me pause and reflect on myself and which path I belong. I firmly believe that we should all treat people we work with well. Otherwise they will leave and go elsewhere. And when they do, especially if they were your top performers they will break records. I will continue to do my best with this for my team. But you, whoever is reading this, know your worth. That’s all. Walk away if you are not valued. Walk away if you know you deserve better. Walk away even if it means starting over. Walk away even if the unknown is frightening. See once you know your worth, anything is possible even starting all over. Once you know your worth, like in the novel Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, the universe will conspire to help you because it’s you.

Knowing your worth forces you to understand your value. It’s the most significant thing we can do for ourselves and I would argue that it our primary task in life. There is only one you amongst 7 billion people on this earth. Think about it for a moment. No other person on earth looks like you. You are the only original copy that exist hence why you should know or learn to discover why you matter. Because you do. All of you is significant once you know your worth. This is my keep for the day, the week, even the year. Thank you Ms. Nekasha for sharing this lesson. And may lessons like this force you to pause for a moment and reflect on which side you belong. For me, not only do I plan to continue to treat people well, but I will keep knowing my worth.

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