Keep acts of kindness!

We had a conversation yesterday, my kids and I on ways to be kind. Since one of our family goals this year is to perform acts of kindness, I figured I would start at home. My second son wants to be more kind to his family, to dad, mom and his siblings. My daughter wants to be kind to her baby brother and by helping around the house, cleaning, sweeping and making sure she contributes to keeping the house clean. My first son, wants to be kind to everything, including the planets. When I asked to focus within the home, he choose his colors. He named all of them in English and Spanish and promised to take better care of them. I was moved by all their acts of kindness and I hope to help them keep their goals. My first son’s act is especially moving to me for a number of reasons including one very tough experience we had in school last year around his crayons. It was such a tough experience that I had to purchase egg crayons given that normal crayons he used, broke all the time and led to an enormous meltdown. That he promised to now be kind to his crayons may seem trivial, but if you know what he has been through with them, then you will be hopeful. I am. Keep acts of kindness, especially at home.

My second son will be kind to his family.
My daughter will be kind by helping at home and to her baby brother.
My first son will be kind to his colors.

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