Keep knowing you are light!

Towards the end of last year, I shared a little post about being light. We baptized my last son that day and I was moved by the Priest remarks on why we should all keep being light. Amanda Gorman reminded us once more about being light during the inauguration. As if the universe was conspiring to tell me something, today’s bible verse focused on being light so much so I had to paraphrase it for myself: ‘I am like light for the whole world…I cannot be hidden.’ You are also like light, if only you know it.

When Amanda Gorman shared her mantra the other day on CNN, I was reminded of grad school days when I used to paste several mantras all over my apartment. To get through a PhD process, I highly recommend them. I remember having so many on my mirror in my bathroom and even on the door of my apartment so that before I went outside I reminded myself of my inherent purpose. One that came to mind always was today’s Bible passage about being like light. Even Amanda shared it in her poem. When you are brave enough to be the light, to know that you are light, then absolutely nothing can stop you. The scripture states it so clearly: ‘You are like light for the whole world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.’ Let that sink in for a moment and re-read my paraphrase again: ‘I am like light for the whole world…I cannot be hidden.’ Keep being light, keep knowing that you are light. You are. That’s why no matter how hard you even try, your light cannot be hidden. Your inherent purpose on earth is destined to shine one day if only you keep knowing you are light. You are. It’s now my new mantra for my children. They are like light and like my baby boy’s picture below, they will not be hidden. He agrees.

Ranyenna you are light.

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