Keep being outstanding!

Today is about my daughter. She is the oldest of three boys. My Belle is what I often call her. Not only was she first discovered in Paris, but the past 8 years as her mother has been a beautiful journey. Her love for learning and all things school related makes me joyful all the time. Like her outstanding ability to spell and her love for writing. As part of Science, she made a Rain Forest book in the same style of the Brown Bear book. She saw juicy berries, a cute mouse, a funny weasel, a sneaky snake, a spotty leopard, a brown hyena, a fierce lion and everybody looking at her while at the rainforest. As if that’s not enough, she created and signed her very own author’s page. It made my heart melt. Here is my daughter, a fearless and outstanding little girl who loves writing stories. She has been doing so since first grade. I truly don’t know what the future holds, but I believe she will be a remarkable young lady, defined by the words she continues to put together to create compelling stories that matter to her. In short, she will be outstanding. Not because she is my daughter but because her light cannot be hidden. Keep being outstanding my Belle.

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