Keep guided reflections!

I participated in a guided reflection today. My first one ever at a university level system. The Catholic in me was excited given it’s grounding in the Jesuit philosophy. It was what my soul needed. We were told to reflect on the challenges ahead, to think of specific concrete things, it’s origins, told to give our anxieties names, and intentionally take the time to understand where it comes from. We were told to think about the things we find challenging. We were asked to allow ourselves to be rigorously honest to the moment. Then beyond the challenges, we were asked to give time to the hopefulness, to opportunities, to joy, to experiences, including things and places that bring us joy. We were asked to think about concrete specific things that bring us joy and light, to dwell on it, on the stillness of those things, those moment too. We also spent time playing out in our minds what might come when we choose hope. Told to give more energies to those conversations that bring hope, joy. How might we engage in those moments to give more voice to opportunities, and spaces that allow us to thrive even in the midst of challenges. Then we concluded with gratitude on the insights and knowledge we have been given about ourselves, insights that were challenging but hopeful, insights that allowed us to know ourselves more deeply. Gratitude, also for being still in the moment to fully understand ourselves.

This is at the core of who Jesuits are. It is also a commitment to a hopeful realism, one that allows us to come to know ourselves better. Ignatius called it a spiritual exercise. It was all about making sure we exercise our spiritual world however we choose to define it and even as it relates to work. Like I said, my soul truly needed this moment. Keep guided reflections.

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