Keep rising like a star!

Let me sit down for a moment with you. For one minute if you have it. You can close your eyes, if you choose or just be still where you are and stay with me if you can. For one brief moment, know that you are like a rising star. Keep knowing this in your heart. My very own star. Your light cannot be hidden, no matter how hard you try. You are truly amazing. That’s what you are. How you do this thing called life so effortlessly, so easy, so breathtakingly divine with ease, is beyond words. You are one remarkable person. For one moment, I want you to know, to understand that how you live, how you keep doing things your way, even with tremendous challenges and difficulties, but still persevere, still defy the odds, is nothing short of brilliant. Your desire to keep what matters, to build where you can, to adapt if you must, but to keep seeking new ways of being, new things to learn, things that even make you uncomfortable, is superb. You and all of your being, is stellar. I would tell you that the next 10 years would be outstanding. But you already know this. If you doubt me, look around and see just how blessed you are and know that the next 10 years of abundant blessings is only just beginning. See all that snow outside, even if you count every flake one by one, they would never be enough to describe just how remarkable the next 10 years would be. And it would. I just want to let you know this for just this moment, between me and you, know that you are quite simply sterling, and magnetic and captivating and those dreams in your heart, in your soul, will come to pass. All I ask is that you remain you and believe that my plans for you are beyond even your wildest dreams. They are. And if you ever forget, get up again, rise up and start afresh, one day at a time, until you become my greatest treasure, my light for the world to see, my very own star.

You are like a star!

This is a letter to myself that I was asked to pen as part of a new program that I will begin in February. It the altMba progam conceived by the indomitable Seth Godin. The universe is calling me to rise and begin an incredible journey through this thing called life and I am ready. Keep rising my star, keep rising.

All the snow outside is nothing compared to how blessed you are. You are.

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