Keep the lens of children!

I read somewhere that children are the lens through which adults can relearn how to live. Though their tomorrow’s are uncertain, the often live their today’s free from the limits of the future. For to a child, forever is never guaranteed. Only today and all it’s limits and possibilities. There is an Igbo proverb which states that a child being carried at his mother’s back has no idea about the length of the journey. This carefree stance of a child is why I love learning from my children especially through their artwork. The world maybe cold, full of snow, and dreadful. But to a child, why not reach for the light, reach for spring or anything else full of color. Take for example, the artwork my daughter brought home from school today, with its burst of colors and endless tenderness. Even as I write this, we are surrounded by snow and an icy cold weather. Not the kind that makes you want to glide down like with snow tubbing. But the kind that make you long for your favorite cup of hot chilly soup. Today was that kind of day. Cold, full of snow and dreadful. But to my daughter, even a day like today can still be full of light, full of color, with colorful bees and beetles that do their part to make even a dreary day still seem so bright, so full of possibilities. I am relearning how to live from the lens of my children that for today all I can say is keep their lens whenever you come across it. Even adults all have something to learn from children.

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