Keep love

We started today in love. My 2nd son is also turning 4. So our home was filled with love. We choose to celebrate it today as his birthday is on Wednesday. Something about birthdays and days dedicated to love, fills my heart with joy. Like with my daughter’s gifts to everyone today. Handmade cards for each person, based on the things they loved. Like PJ Masks for one of her brother or a solar system card filled with love for her other brother. That children are vehicles through which we learn about the world is profound to me. I learnt about love, about humanity from my children’s eyes. That and why accepting each other is brilliant always. For love, true love is always kind, always patient, always divine, always sublime, and full of hope, full of joy, for those who choose to persevere, who choose to never fail. I choose to keep love today and forever and with cards made with love from my children. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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