Keep being an instrument of Peace!

Can one become an instrument of Peace? The prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi insists it is possible. So does the late Dr. Howard Thurman, the former spiritual mentor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King. That we can pray to become an instrument of Peace, was something he described ‘as the most insistent conditions of the human spirit.’ So much so that where there is hatred, we spread love, where there is even injury, we show pardon.

I have been wrestling with this prayer for quite some time. Not because I do not believe that we can all be instruments of peace, but because some injuries are difficult to pardon, some hatred, difficult to show love. Again and again, I keep looking to Peace, being hopeful of its appeal, but then my human nature persists. I am human afterall. But I would like to become an instrument of Peace. That with my words and actions, I would please God and not betray the spirit of Peace. Dr Thurman notes that we all can become instruments of peace. Not the kind that indulges in gossip for example (something that I am too guilt of) but the kind that uses words to bring healing, light, even love. For where there is hatred, even our words, can sow love. Where our insecurities and weakness cause injury, our words can still bring healing, bring empathy, bring pardon, bring love. I would like to use my words more carefully now for Peace. Keep being an instrument of Peace. Blessed indeed are the peacemakers.

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