Keep keeping on!

There are days when you have no words. Today seems to be like one of these days. Maybe it’s the fact that’s it’s Holy Week. Something about the week before Easter makes me want to remind you, whoever you are reading this, that you are loved. If you ever had any doubt, just look upon the cross. The greatest love ever is on full display on the cross. To die for others is to live and as we celebrate this week, I can’t help but wonder what I would willingly die or live for. My children. For sure, I would die for them. They are my reason for being. We took them out for a walk this evening and I can’t help but feel blessed. To be surrounded by their love keeps me full. That and the fact that they make life worth living. While on the work, we met one of our neighbors for the first time. Since we moved and due to the pandemic, we have been indoors so we barely know our neighbors. But we met one today, walking her dog named Grace. A golden dog, with lots of fluffy hair. It made my kids want one. I was glad to meet a neighbor, to know that she too had a daughter, the same age as ours. Such was my night. Peaceful and calm with a stroll, light and easy, and love, lots of it. I don’t have much else to say except keep keeping on with life. It can be effortless, if only we let it’s ease be ours.

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