Keep rolling away the stone with Easter!

I never imagined I would not celebrate Easter, not celebrate a service in church, not congregate with people again. But last year and thanks to a Pandemic, we did. We spent the day in the most surreal way, listening to service online and contemplating how long this would last. That feeling of never going to church again is the reason why today is so special to me. We have all come full circle in my home with a pandemic and vaccines and though Covid19 cases are on the rise, we look forward with zeal to celebrating Easter in church again. To celebrating mass with our church and with people we love again. It’s almost like the gift of Christ himself. On Friday, he died for our sins again. He humbly gave himself up on the cross so we could have life again. On the third day, he rose again. Welcome to that day again.

Welcome to another opportunity to roll away the stone again. Welcome to the sight of an empty tomb again. I don’t take it for granted, this privilege of knowing Christ will rise up again. He may have died for our sins on Friday, but today he rises up so we can have hope again. And so we roll away the stone once more, roll away our fears, roll away our worries, roll away our weaknesses, so we can live again. Last year’s Easter may have been weird, but today I welcome the opportunity to roll it away from my mind. Happy Easter and may the risen Christ by a source of hope to you. And feel free to roll away what bugs you down too.

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