Keep fighting for justice!

Yesterday was emotional. For once in a long time, accountability was given for humanity. George Floyd may have had a big heart, but it didn’t mean that those with small hearts prevail. And because of his big heart, something has got to give. Something has got to happen so that his death, even the justice given for what all our eyes saw, reverberates for generations to come. Generations will learn about George Floyd. Generations will hear what happened to him for 9 minutes and 26 seconds. Generations will know about the bouquet of humanity that saw a human being who deserved to live. Generations will learn their names, including the child who asked those sworn to protect us to get off him. Generations will learn how people marched, how people asked for justice for what just is, what eyes see every day. Generations too will be appalled about how a black man was murdered in broad day light with no impunity for humanity. Generations will see the pain in the eyes of black people who wonder everyday whether it’s out turn, our homes, our communities, our lives. Generations will never forget George Floyd. People may fear what they don’t understand, fear what looks different, fear even black skins, but that does not give you the right to murder us, to hate us, even when you can’t conquer us. They couldn’t conquer George Floyd because he lives and forever he will because of the accountability that began yesterday. You can hate us now, but because of George Floyd and the bouquet of humanity that stood by him, we will keep fighting for justice even from your hate and pray your small heart finds the love it needs.

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