Keep thriving like Bald Cypress trees!

We had a quiet earth day today. Maybe it’s the emotions from the week, the guilty verdicts, and accountability for a black life that mattered. Maybe it’s a mother plea for her son, gone too soon. Maybe it’s the fact that we find ourselves here again this time for a 16 year old girl. Maybe it’s just the thought of what can we really do anyways. Maybe it’s the longing for days when all this madness ends. It’s equally hard to have concerns for the planet when our hearts are restless and our lives in peril. But I want to stay hopeful for what is life without hope. So in figuring how to make the most of today, I took a closer look at the bald cypress tree in front of our house. This tree is truly one of the oddest trees I have ever seen and it’s oddness starts with its seeds. Apparently these seeds are consumed by all sorts of birds and it’s an important source of food particular during the winter months. Something about how they adapt gave me hope at time when hope seems so far away. Bald cypress tree is known for being rough and adaptable and they produce seeds that helps others survive and thrive. That after all is what Earth Day is all about. That we learn about how plants and trees do their part to help us thrive and for today that’s all I’m keep.

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