Keep India in mind!

I have a friend in India. She needs your prayers. India is literally on fire. I asked how she was doing. Her parents are both in the hospital on ventilators. She is at home trying to breathe while remaining calm. Every thing is a mess and their is no help in sight. I asked what can I do, even though I know nothing I do may help. I said I’ll pray. I did. But to my prayer, I want to add that whoever is reading this should please keep India in mind. People are literally dying. There are no hospital beds, no ventilators, many are dying at home, gasping for air, a precious commodity there these days. According to NPR, there are also no tests. No one is doing coronavirus tests and if you do get tested, your results may come in five days later. By that time, people are dead, even cremated. The country reached a milestone this week: 402,000 cases per day, more than any country on any day since the pandemic started. Some suggest it may reach 1 million cases by mid-May. Deaths too will rise. And the light and the end of the tunnel seems uncertain. My friend asked that we pray for India. I ask that you do the same and keep them in mind. None of us are safe from the pandemic until we all are. What maybe happening in India may seem far away but understand that India has 1.4 billion people. Everything that happens in India affects us all. We will not be able to get rid of this pandemic if we don’t keep India in mind.

Lines of people waiting for coronavirus tests. Courtesy NPR.

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