Keep Fela’s ‘water no get enemy’ in mind for sustainability.

Fela’s anthem ‘water no get enemy,’ has always been a favorite song for me. If you want to wash, you will use water. If you want to cook, you’ll use water too. If your head is hot, water will help you cool it down. And if you want your child to grow, use water. Such a simple description of water’s many uses just resonates with what I love to do with Iife and work. Maybe it’s because swimming camp is on overdrive with the kids, but as you can see, if you want to cool down with this hot summer, you too will use water. Water has no enemy. Nothing also without water. It’s such as essential part of life that should inform all we do to last especially with our public health. interventions. I get tired of people who claim they are looking at sustainability, but their track record says otherwise. Almost few and I mean few interventions are sustained. And I’m taking about all the so-called clinical trials too perpetuating as implementation trials when in reality they are all just recycling the same research and calling it implementation science. My keep for them and others today, ‘be like water.’

Even my son knows to cool down from the sun with water. It truly has no enemy.

Truth is sustainability is hard. The fact there we have very few reliable blueprint for it, also makes this difficult. But what if we approach it like Fela and choose from the beginning to befriend our ideas, diverse ones especially, focused on lasting. Sustaining anything, especially the work we do will require divergent thinking, including from those unafraid to be bold.

I am prepared for it. I long to work with teams dedicated to becoming innovative too with sustainability. In fact, I once used Fela’s song to describe my passion for sustainability. I argued that if you want to last, be like water. If you want to remain in a community, become water too. You won’t have an enemy. To last, no matter who or what you are, is welcomed by all. I want to imagine that we can last when we begin with the end in mind. If we do so, we just might be like water, with no enemies. The opposite needs no discussion.

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