Keep decolonizing the mind!

‘A journey is a journey,’ James Baldwin once said, ‘because you cannot know what you’ll discover on journey, what you’ll do with what you find or what you find will do to you. I am on a journey to decolonize the mind. Ngugi Wa Thiongo in his book Decolonising the mind described this as one of the biggest weapon wielded and unleashed daily. The effect of which is to annihilate a people from their belief in their names, their language, their heritage, their struggle, and even their quest for unity or capacities in themselves. When the mind isn’t free, the past is viewed as a wasteland of achievement, with people vigorously distancing themselves from the wasteland. Possibilities or dreams are either viewed as remote or ridiculous.

Toni Morrison in Romancing the Shadow described this as manipulation of the narrative, for example, with blackness or the story of a black person being depicted as bound and/or rejected, with a focus more on limitations, suffering, rebellion, and narratives that spoke for rather than speak with lives full of fate and destiny. And so we have a moral commitment to decolonize the mind. To remove knees from necks. We are ultimately formed by what we see and also what we read for example. So if images or writings fail to tell the compelling and inescapable ways of life of a people, then how do we deal with the world as it is. Ourselves as we are. So we write to free minds of what they know. To establish difference from what is known, to what is unknown, using narratives not meant to disguise but rather to uncover all the truths and lies. James Baldwin also noted that not everything they is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced. We face our minds now to free from a demise, as we progressively work towards the fulfillment of our destiny which history shall not erase.

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