Keep thinking of ways to dismantle the masters house!

I have been thinking a lot lately about ways to dismantle the master’s house. It took centuries to build. So toppling it would come at a cost. And I’m open to the cost. Picture this, almost all the work we do in my field, close to 90% of the publications we write for the public’s health will never be read by the public. I don’t mean by fellow academics or even our students, but lay every day citizen. Almost all of them will never read our articles because it was never meant for them even though we claim and argue it’s their health. I am also aware that one cannot use the masters tool to dismantle his house. The late great Audre Lorde made this abundantly clear when she asked to move beyond temporarily beating him as his game. Yet, survival is not an academic skill she would say. It’s a necessity for those of us who seek something different like bringing the public into public health. That’s why I have been thinking. My ideas remain hazy. Storytelling is at the front. But I’m sure it and other ideas will be torn apart before they make sense, but I’ll keep thinking. Time to topple the house is now. Future generations depend on this.

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