Keep time in mind!

I wish we always have time. I really do. Time to for deep, kind, or challenging love. Time for friendships that are as lasting as distant skies. Time for getting together, for being together, for loving together. Time for joy, deep earth shattering joy, even in hardest moments. Time to be deliberately personal as we share those deep secrets, that we reserved for our innermost thoughts alone. Time to hold a long embrace, to look you in the eye, and we hold each other afraid to let go. Time to lean more into each other, like the song implies, we all need somebody to lean on. Time to say to you too that I will always love you. Time to not confine this love in private, to scream and shout about it straight to the heavens. But most of all and for you, I wish we had more time, so you could have opened yourself up to me. I wish you didn’t hide yourself. I wish we just had more time to laugh to, to hear you say my name one more time. Osodieme, Osodieme is what you called me. I laughed but never really embraced the name. Now I wish I had more time to live up to it more fully for you. Keep time in mind

I really wish I had more time with you!

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