Keep trying everything including hope!

I have been numb for the past 2 days. Words failed me. We came close to death. Cancer’s sting is painful. Helpless too. To see someone you love slowly slipping away kept me speechless for once. We tried everything. We had to be everything Cancer stole from her. I kept saying how sorry I was. No mother should bear the loss of their child. And so we have been crying. Tears that keep flowing with no end in sight. The heartache was unbearable. The questions too of how long we knew, was difficult to hear that all I could do was cry as I kept saying we tried everything. We did. We got the best of doctors. They flew just for her. We did all Science said we should do and still no result. She was not fighting enough and it’s a fight after all. We were prepared to fight. We needed her to do the same. This life truly exists in a delicate balance. We are all connected. Watching her take breaths that were difficult was painful to see. We are all connected still. Her shallow breaths were ours too. We have been understanding life. We have been respecting what each day brings. We have been holding on to things that connect us all. For once, I truly understood how tomorrow is a gift. We only have today. This week has been a great teacher of this lesson. Which is why we have been numb. Seeing as though we came close to death. We are learning how to come home to ourselves. Come home to the one for whom impossible does not exist. We have been learning how we are part of things way bigger. How our God is way bigger than anything even death. We have been listening to the spirit teaching. We have been fighting too. We are prepared to keep trying everything too, including hope. For we are all connected. Life is a set of choices. Be hopeful or hopeless. We choose hope. We also choose connection and so we have been connecting to the source of hope. And we will keep connecting. We will keep trying everything too, including hope from this sting called Cancer. We are no longer afraid. We know whose we are afterall!

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