Keep living till we meet again!

I started with these words ‘with total submission to the will of God.’ I realized immediately that I would prefer something else. We are still struggling with this will that saying we submit, seems false to me. So then how do you write the perfect obituary, the perfect last words to sum up a life you wish never ended? I have been tasked with this duty and words fail me. I want to say much. Not the will, but the sadness, the despair, the pain, the anger, but then love and feelings of loneliness and her lasts words to me. Suffice it to say, no words will do. Nothing. All I can surmise for sure is that hearts are broken and words won’t do. How do you write the perfect obituary? You don’t. Nothing can be perfect where an obituary is concerned. Finding the right words to use to convey feelings of brokenness, feelings of my heart in shatters is enormous. Living is going to be tough till we meet again. Until then, we are going to soar up to the skies to meet you in flight, to be with you, as you soar faraway. At least now, we have our own Angel looking down on us from heaven.

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