Keep hand-drawn, crescent shaped, rainbow filled hearts!

My son came home from school with a hand drawn crescent shaped rainbow filled heart. He was so excited when I arrived to pick him up. Guess what, guess what I made in school today, he said. I learnt how to make a heart all by myself. He proceeded to show me the heart. It was lined almost like the crescent of a moon, and filled line by line with an array of colors like a rainbow. His heart didn’t only look like a crescent but it was colored like a rainbow. The smile on his face was priceless. My heart was breathless. My mouth voiceless too. Something about hearts from kids, hand drawn ones too, kept me speechless. I took a picture of him to freeze the moment for him, for me. For they grow up fast and I never want to forget the day my son came home with a hand drawn crescent shaped, rainbow filled heart that made my day.

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