Keep a team you cherish!

When you find your team, cherish them. Embrace them too with love. Not on days when things make sense, but on tough days when tensions are high and tempers are flaring.

I have found my team and I love every single way they thread my needle. I love how the pieces fit so neatly with my team, like a hem sewn together neatly. I have always wonder what it takes to use large yarns to knit a blanket or a sweater, so seamlessly that not a single fiber is out of place. That what happens when you find your team. Not a single moment with them is out of place.

We are working together on something so phenomenal, that you really have to wait to see it. These are also not days when things make sense. In fact nothing what we are working on together makes complete sense, but we are a team. We trust each other and lord knows that the end will be totally worth it. That’s what happens when you are with your team, your people.

Radha Agrawal in her book ‘Belong’ stated that once you find your people, when together you create a community that matters to you, you will live a more connected life. In fact she dedicated her book to courageous and generous souls who wake up every day to create and serve their communities, souls that actually enjoy the process and not only the destination. I am journey with such people in my team right now. She calls it belonging or a feeling of deep relatedness and acceptance, a feeling of “I would rather be here than anywhere else.” That’s what I feel after our teams meetings all the time.

Together, no dream is too small, no vision out of limit. In fact the bigger the dream the better. The world needs dreamers, people bold enough to take on the world and we are as bold as they come. Fierce and fearless to with our legacy building work that makes no sense right now and that’s okay. We are a team and together our seams all fit nicely together.

Find yourself a team and when you do, cherish them fully. I love all of you on team light, team leaders igniting generational healing and transformation. All of you are transformational and I thank you for coming along on this light journey. Together we are a keep worth fighting for. Keep a team you cherish.

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