Keep soaring my Belle!

Earlier this week my little girl came home with a Prize: The Duchesne Award.

As background, her principal wrote the following to dad and I in an email: ‘this student lives like St. Rose Philippine Duchesne by confidently living as a child of the Sacred Heart. Her faith shows in everything she does. She has a happy disposition and is a pleasure to be around. She radiates pure joy and it shows and everything she does, especially in her creativity. She is a good friend to her peers as well as always being polite and courteous to adults. She is a beautiful writer just like St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and expresses herself through thoughtful and creative writings she shares with her class. Her smile brightens the classroom every single day. She is encouraged to show her “brave” and stand up for what she believes in. She is strengthened by love and friendship and always has a positive outlook on all situations. The Duchesne Award for 3-6th grade goes to Lotanna Ezepue. Congratulations!’

Receiving her award!

I wanted to write something beautiful to my little girl after seeing. In fact, I did to her principal but not to her yet, mostly because words fail me. Not because she is my daughter but more so because she is all our hopes and dreams come true. To behold a child full of grace, is to know one truly blessed amongst many. They say a child shall lead, especially those whose feet are blind. And when they do, they will rise on wings like eagles and soar beyond golden sunsets. You my child are golden and may you continue to lead all of us in search of new paths with your creativity and discipline. For to know you, to love you too, is to know grace and our souls are full, because you bless us with your gifts. Keep soaring my Belle.

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