Keep chasing butterflies!

My kids and I chased white butterflies this morning. We watched as they fluttered their wings and soared to new heights. We inched closer as the nestled on ivy-leaved morning glories. We sighed deeply as they gently kissed luscious green grass. We flicked our lens as they trampled through wild shrubs, until they found a place to rest their wings. The wind was friendly. So too were the skies this morning as we chased these butterflies.

I imagine this is love. To nestle in its divine glory. To feel the winds blow. To wonder it’s next move, it next resting place. To do so in splendor, a joyful splendor reserved for those who chase butterflies. For those who flutter your wings and fly to new glories, soar to new stories, of moments when butterflies and you are one. My kids and I are surrounded by love, which glides as gentle as these butterflies on a sunny morning. To know this love, to feel it’s warmth, as we run through shrubs, chasing butterflies, through lush grass, watching it soar, falling deeply into a divine grace, one our souls are so drunk with as we bask in our love for each other. My kids and I chased butterflies this morning. But truly we, chased our love. Keep holding onto it.

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