Keep shooting your shot!

I smiled when I saw a video of Keke Palmer this morning. It was a video, a masterclass even on how to shoot your shot with what you want. Keke Palmer was on the view and she took the time on live TV to ask Whoopi Goldberg if she could be an actress on Sister Act Three. To which Whoopi, responded yes. I paused after seeing this because for one, I love when black women celebrate each other, propel each other to new heights to. It isn’t often on display when we do so too, so seeing it in this young generation was refreshing. It also helped to frame my thoughts for today on why black women, in fact all women in general need to keep shoot their shots with whatever you want. We are already putting in the work, sometime a lot of time that is never fully accounted for in a typical 40 hour work week, hence the need to go for what you want. Of course have the data to prove you deserve that which your heart desires. Be accountable to people not just in words but through tangible proofs illustrating why you deserve that request and you just might receive a positive response. I am looking forward to shooting my shot in this next phase of my life. I intend to live our the biblical principle, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open to you. I will not ask for something I cannot do and if I am asking, know that it is already done.

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