Keep digging up your light!

It has been a hazy week for me. Like the terrible fog we saw this morning in STL. I started the week in stride, with great news and almost immediately, bad news followed. I imagine this is what happens when you let the bad in. They reflect no stars and can keep you down, if you don’t immediately rise and praise the good. To be down and never know how to rise is my keep for today. And now, when we are certain of things we cannot see. Like the air we breathe. When we are sure of things we hope for. Like the sweetness of rain. When we are prepared for the journey ahead. Like flowers planted in the sun. But yet we leave without knowing where to go. Like the paths that thunders follow. I reckon then, oh then, will we look for our light, as we uncover all that is hidden within us. That’s how I got through this week. For even if we go through the deepest darkness. Even if we reach the depths of the earth. Underneath the same earth are sapphires, corals, rubies, silver, and dusts turned to gold. So too are your depths if only you dig your hardest places. If only you burrow through the hardest rocks in your life. When miners dig the hardest rocks, they discover precious stones. So too will you dig, and discover how precious you are. The depths of your light are precious.

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