Keep vespers (III) or sleep well Archbishop Desmond Tutu!

I have always loved the beatitudes. Something about being blessed keeps me hopeful and you Archbishop Tutu were the hope so many people relied on. This evening prayer rolls out of my mind with ease because you lived a life like Jesus prayed in the beatitudes. You were indeed blessed, and truly happy, rejecting evil, and living for peace. You were indeed a peacemaker, one who found joy in dire times, studying it day and night, and like a tree planted by a stream, your life was fruitful till the end with leaves that will never dry up. Your love for the poor will lead you home to your maker. In the many ways your helped the poor during your life on earth so shall you be helped as your sun sets. I pray that the lord will protect and preserve all that you loved dearly. That they will find comfort even with your passing. The Lord himself will show his constant love to your family and if they ever seek your face, may they never forget that blessed are the peacemakers like Archbishop. Rejoice for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. We rejoice for now you are with your maker and may you continue to rest in his bosom. Amen.

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