Keeping knowing that the heart of justice is truth-telling.

Have you ever wondered what Dr. King do today if he was alive? I imagine he would be thankful for the outpouring of love, for his purpose, for his good will, for his justice. I also imagine that he would be in awe with how everyone, old and young, are doing their part to remind everyone how the arc of moral universe is long, but bends always towards justice. I imagine though that he would second bell hooks when she too suggested that the heart of justice is truth-telling. Then he would look around and wonder who we are all fooling? Ourselves? Certainly not him?

Are we our brothers or sisters keeper? Do we love unconditionally, live and practice justice too, unconditionally? Certainly not. The speeches are all great. The never ending quotations too. But for me, I”ll rather we practice truth-telling, shaming the devil and speaking the multiple truths we ought to be telling about our world today. We are not all okay when some would deliberately choose to not vaccinate themselves. When some even have the ability to choose while others in places far and poor will give anything to have the same choices, to have vaccines. Today we celebrate the man, but I imagine he would want for us to live and practice truth-telling. We owe it to his legacy.

Last summer at MLK park in DC.


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