Keep keeping this list of things to keep!

So this is what it means,

to be a woman full of lists,

of things to keep,

in a time of a pandemic,

every single thought,

sound and insane.

Mother to a girl named Belle and boys who never met the one for whom anger never met his soul.

Daughter to the one for whom destiny was almost denied.

Spinning deeply in love with a Chi born in a land where crocodiles roam free

All day long, I sit in the land of the free,

listening to the blissful sounds of cardinals, red and blue jaybirds,

unable to tell them why I begin,

I begin.

It has been a week and let’s just say, this one is short and a reminder to never forget to keep something, a thought, sound or insane. It’s my thoughts after all, and every single word or thought that comes to mind will always be worthy of praises this season I keep turning into my own.


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