Keep moments with God part 4!

Maybe it was the cold.

I have never liked the easy wind of cold winter days.

Maybe it was the place.

I never understood the bewitching charms of Augusta.

Maybe it was the month.

I have always ignored the swiftness of February.

Or maybe it was you.

Now, I truly wonder if it was you.

Life for you is so simple, so good.

You know your name. Olisa,

God. Yes, you know, it so well,

but that’s not all. Because I know him too, God. I do.

And we both want to be his branches and he the vine.

We both want to remain in him and he in us.

Like the sun every morning,

or the wings of eagles rising higher,

or streams of water flowing in a river,

or tall trees growing in a forest.

Yes , we want the unending joy of these things and him taking us to green fields where we rest,

to streams of water where we drink,

strength for all this life brings,

but most of all like your name implies Olisadubem,

to guide our feet along the right paths.

Your name is all you need.

Your name is…

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